Chiropractic Testimonials

“I am still doing great since your wonderful treatment. I took my long trip without one single “Hitch in my gittalong”. Wanda still being a good dog so my hips are still in good working order. I will give you a yell if I am in need of your TLC, Dr. Dom.”

- G.

“I am 86 years old, have arthritis and spinal stenosis, with back problems for many years. Before coming to see Dr. Chagnon I had had several steroid shots, both hips replaced, and had seen a physical therapist and several doctors. Exercises included water aerobics. I would feel better awhile then my pain became so severe I could hardly walk, couldn’t stand for more than a few minutes, and was losing sleep due to the pain. It’s been a year since my first visit with Dr. Chagnon. Today I seldom use a wheelchair/walker or take pain medicine. I also have a weekly deep-tissue massage, which helps keep me going. Due to my condition, I realize I will never be completely pain-free, but I can enjoy life again. I feel so blessed for all the care I have received and want to heartily recommend Dr. Chagnon and his caring staff to anyone.”

- M.B.

“Thank you so much for helping me! As you know, about six months ago, I began experiencing extreme pain in my neck and right jaw. After being diagnosed with TMJ, I worked with a physical therapist with no relief. Upon a referral from my Doctor, I made an appointment with you. The treatments have helped so much and I have more freedom of movement in my neck. My headaches have eased up quite a bit, and I am not as dependent on taking painkillers as before. The best thing I think is that you have helped me to learn to deal with my neck and TMJ and to ‘help myself’ whenever I can. I also must point out that your support staff is A+. They are all very knowledgeable, courteous, and appointment times are honored. Since I work at First Baptist Church, time management is very crucial to me. Just wanted you to know that you have dismissed the ‘fear of having joints ‘popped’! Continued success to you, and I am so glad that I finally came around to your office.”

- E.H.

“I want to thank you and your staff for your help. Two years ago I was in an automobile accident. Since that time, until recently, I have had severe back pain. I had been treated by several medical doctors, had many physical therapy treatments, and had two injections into my back. I was still in a lot of pain when I came to your office. I was very skeptical. However, after two months of treatment from you-I am much improved. I am no longer a skeptic and very grateful for your help. You have given me back my life without constant pain. I will certainly recommend you to my friends. Thank you.”

- A.L.

“Thank you for what you have done for me. When I first came to you at the beginning of this month, I could barely get out of my car because of back pain. Today I am almost pain-free. My quality of life has markedly improved. I came to you as a last resort before back surgery. I thank God that I did. I only wished that I had come to you first. Thank you again.”

- C.M.


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